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Answers to FAQ About Homeowners Insurance

Have questions about homeowners insurance? Read on.

When most people think about homeowners insurance, it’s likely that they think of industry jargon, confusing coverage, and a long-worded policy. In short, homeowners insurance isn’t always easy to navigate. This is why we’ve rounded up some common home insurance questions along with simple and straightforward answers – making your life a little easier.

Does home insurance cover water damage?

Unfortunately, this isn’t a simple yes or no answer. A home insurance policy will cover some types of water damage but not others. Generally, if the cause of water damage is sudden and accidental, it can be covered. For example, if your washing machine leaks, your pipes burst or your dishwasher goes on the fritz. Home insurance won’t cover water damage when it stems from maintenance issues, water backup from an outside sewer, mold or floods. For flood coverage, you’d need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy.

Does homeowners insurance cover tree damage?

It depends on what caused the tree to fall. If a windstorm causes a healthy tree in your backyard to topple, your homeowners insurance will cover the costs to get you out of this situation. However, if a tree fell and damaged your property because it was rotting and neglected, home insurance wouldn’t pick up the tab.

Does homeowners insurance cover theft?

It sure does! Homeowners insurance covers theft both inside and outside your home. If your phone is stolen in a coffee shop or someone snatches your bike from your garage, your home insurance policy will cover you. Keep in mind that there is a limit to how much your insurance company will reimburse you. If you have items of high value, you will need additional coverage.

Skip the search of finding the right homeowners insurance policy for your needs. Visit the team at Mayer Insurance in Apple Valley, Minnesota to get started on your tailored coverage today.

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