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Do You Need Insurance Coverage for Your Move?

Getting insurance coverage when moving home.

You have found the place of your dreams! But the hard part isn’t over yet – you still have moving day to deal with. Whether you are taking on the task of moving on your own or hiring a team of professionals, home insurance is something you should consider to protect your personal assets during the transition.

If you have homeowners or renters insurance coverage, you may already have some insurance protection during and right after your move. There will be a clause in your policy that covers your items while in transit or temporary storage. These clauses are subject to terms and conditions of the contract, however. Ask your home or renters insurance company about the coverage in your policy to confirm whether or not you need to supplement coverage on moving day.

If you have decided to hire professional movers for the job, your coverage may be limited. Since they are a third-party handling your property, you will need to be extra careful about securing the right coverage. You may be able to purchase additional endorsements from your home insurance company to cover specific risks that concern you.

Are you in need of quality home insurance? Skip the search of finding the right homeowners insurance policy for your needs, visit the team at Mayer Insurance in Apple Valley, Minnesota to get started on your tailored coverage today.

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