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Guide to Help Get Your Teen Driver Ready for the Road

Every day, thousands of eager teens look forward to learning how to drive. There are always concerns about keeping these young drivers safe. One alarming statistic shows that teen drivers are likely to be involved in a fatal car crash at double the rate of experienced drivers. This isn’t too surprising. It can take drivers years to fully develop their driving skills. As a parent, you can play your part in preparing your teen for the road.

Here are a few tips to help teen drivers become masters of the road.

  • Establish the Foundation As a parent, start setting the foundation long before your teen receives their driver’s license. Make sure that your child sees you practicing safe driving behaviors. Avoid speeding and getting distracted by the radio or your phone. Set an example of safe driving for your child to follow. Distracted driving due to text messaging is a common cause of teen accidents. Make sure that you stress the importance of staying focused on the road to your teen driver.

  • Explain the Dangers After a few months, start discussing with your teen drivers how dangerous behavior behind the wheel can cause serious consequences. Dangerous behavior such as speeding, tailgating, or driving while impaired increases the risk of a severe crash. Discuss with your teen the importance of maintaining a safe driving speed and distance. Also, inform them about the danger of driving in inclement weather.

  • Set Goals Once your teen driver starts to practice, talk to them about their goals. Ask your teen driver if they plan to drive every day or eventually own a car. Explain how being a safe driver can help lower insurance premiums and access possible discounts. Make sure that your teen driver is aware of the possible legal consequences of being in a serious accident. Consider setting some guidelines for your teen driver, such as driving with their phone off or driving a certain number of miles before they can drive by themselves.

  • Handling Emergencies The next step is discussing how to handle an emergency. Make sure that your teen is aware of how to behave if there is an accident. They should have the number to the police and roadside assistance on speed dial. Also, make sure that they understand the process of how to gather another driver’s insurance information and how to handle their car breaking down.

  • Learn about the Road Once your teen driver starts practicing regularly, help them learn about the state rules and guidelines. Head to the DMV (State Department of Motor Vehicles) and grab a driver’s handbook for them. Take your teen driver to different areas to help them prepare for their driver’s test and learn driving in new environments.

  • Continue Practicing Once your teen driver has practiced enough, they can take their driver’s test. Even after they pass, they must keep practicing. Continue going over the safety guidelines with them.

Following these tips will prepare your teen for a safer driving experience.

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