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How Much Does Renters Insurance Typically Cost in Minnesota?

Living in your own apartment or home for the first time requires a lot to think about. You need to understand the best way to protect your belongings as well as any liability you may have concerns about. In most areas, renters insurance costs less than $15 a month for a basic policy. This amount may increase if you have a large number of high-ticket items like fine jewelry, works of art, or rare collectibles. Having a complete and detailed list of everything you own before you speak to your insurance agent is the key to getting the best renters policy available.

Protect Your Possessions and Your Peace of Mind

When you rent an apartment or home, the majority of your worth is tied up in your personal possessions. This is especially true if you own computers, gaming systems, state-of-the-art appliances, clothing, and furniture. All of your electronics and other valuables will fall into this category as well. Create a video inventory and you will quickly see where and how your money is invested. A detailed video is the best way to know exactly what you have as well as visual proof of each item’s condition.

Liability Coverage Is Essential

A good renters insurance policy will cover any liability concerns you have as well. Liability insurance covers the medical expenses or property damage that may be incurred if someone who is visiting you receives an injury while they are in your apartment. This also covers dog bites and other types of minor injuries that may occur out of the blue. Liability coverage is the one thing you can count on to protect your financial security and prevent you from losing everything you’ve worked so hard for. Covering your personal possession is important, but liability coverage protects others.

Events That Are Covered By Renters Insurance

The same events that are covered by a homeowners insurance policy will also be covered by your renters insurance. Smoke damage, storm damage, ice or snow damage, lightning, fire, and burglaries are just a few of the more destructive events that can turn your world upside down. Without renters insurance, you would be left to cover the cost of your losses from such events on your own. With a good renters policy, you will be able to rest easy knowing that you are financially secure and your assets are covered.

Buying a quality renters insurance policy means understanding what each policy offers and knowing what the policy’s limitations are. Discussing your options with one of our experienced agents at Mayer Insurance will give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision. Do not wait to buy your policy, call our office today to speak to any of our agents. For best results, contact your insurance agent as soon as you sign the lease on your new apartment to ensure everything is secured before you move in.



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