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The Most Commonly Overlooked Business Risks

Common business risks to consider

While every operating business faces risks, the evaluation and assessment of these risks are critical to success. Unfortunately, more often than not, certain business risks are overlooked, leaving the company exposed. To better safeguard your hard work and investment, here are some commonly overlooked business risks.

Personal liability – This is especially pertinent and concerning to smaller companies. One lawsuit could cause the downfall of your entire business. If the business does not have enough capital or assets to cover the damages, your own property and assets could be possessed. Consider general liability protection, which covers liability from lawsuits and other claims.

Business interruption – If your business had to close or relocate temporarily, are you prepared for the costs? A fire could cause damage to your building, forcing you and your team out while it is repaired. For some businesses, this loss of income and financial strain to relocate is too much. Fortunately, with business interruption insurance, you do not have to face those costs alone.

Cyber breaches – Any business that operates online needs to be prepared for a cyber attack. Hackers are skilled at obtaining client and employee data as well as important data about a business, such as bank account information. Recovering from an attack can be costly. With cyber liability insurance, you could fall back on your policy to help your business recover and get back on its feet.

As always, having the right insurance is also an important part of keeping your business’ environment and team safe. For the protection your business needs, contact Mayer Insurance in Apple Valley.

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