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What is Additional Living Expenses Coverage? What Does It Pay For?

The benefits of ALE.

When the worst happens to your home, whether it is a kitchen fire or a natural disaster, you know you have quality homeowners insurance to help you pick up the pieces. After a disaster, you may be forced to live elsewhere while the professionals repair your property. Paying for a hotel bill on top of dealing with disaster repairs can be a lot to handle. The good news is that you may have additional living expenses (ALE) coverage within your homeowners insurance policy.

What is additional living expenses coverage?

Additional living expenses insurance is coverage that will help to pay for extra costs incurred when you are temporarily displaced from your home after a covered peril. If you find yourself having to live elsewhere while your home is being repaired, this portion of your home insurance will help to cover hotel stays, rent for temporary housing, storage fees for furniture, restaurant bills, laundry expenses, and more.

Having to find a temporary place to stay after a disaster can be overwhelming enough, but additional living expenses coverage can help you worry less about finances during this time.

Limits on ALE

Keep in mind that most coverage will have a limit, both on how much your policy will pay for ALE and for how long. Generally, policies come with a limit that is a percentage of your home insurance. The amount of coverage you receive will vary based on your insurance provider and your premiums.

It is almost impossible to be prepared for a disaster, but with ALE coverage, you can be more prepared for the worst case scenarios. For quality home, renters, and condo insurance, contact the team at Mayer Insurance in Minnesota.



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